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This week’s featured guest, Hattie Kauffman!

Join Lisa Buffaloe for a fun, sweet visit with Emmy award-winning news correspondent, Hattie Kauffman

Hattie Kauffman

Hattie Kauffman is a four-time Emmy award-winning news correspondent who has reported for CBS, ABC, and numerous network programs. With three decades of network television experience, Hattie is the first Native American to file a report on a network news broadcast. Hattie has interviewed presidents, Oscar winners, astronauts, and Olympians. She’s covered wildfires and murder trials and delved into personal interest stories. But while she uncovered the stories behind big personalities and events, her own story remained untold.

In her beautifully written memoir, Falling into Place, Hattie turns her reporter’s eye on her own life. She thought she’d left the ghosts of childhood behind, but when her world came crashing down, she was forced to face all that she had been running from. What she learned about herself surprised her. She was never alone and, indeed, had never needed to run in the first place. As her life fell apart, the pieces fell into place in God’s loving hands.

 Listen as Hattie Kauffman shares on Living Joyfully Free Radio!   

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