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Chet Russell

 This week’s featured guest is Chet Russell!

Chet Russell founded Voice of Wilderness in 1973. During those years, Chet has encountered the beauty of the wilderness as a voice declaring God’s “invisible attributes, eternal power and divine nature.” (Romans 1:20) 

Join Lisa Buffaloe as she visits with Chet Russell through his journeys in the wilderness, hikes that led to changed lives, startling discoveries, and encounters with God.

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Voice of Wilderness is an official outfitter/guide status for the U. S. Forest Service, and operates under a special use permit in the San Juan National Forest of Southwestern Colorado. Located north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, base camp is completely surrounded by the San Juan National Forest and just five minutes from the boundary of the Weminuche Wilderness. 

The primary goal of Voice of Wilderness is to communicate the reality of Jesus Christ and the practical application of the teachings found in the books of the Bible. In a complex society such as ours, man has virtually ignored this vital part of an educational process. The wilderness setting is used as a tool to relate Biblical principles to the everyday needs of the individual. God used the wilderness to deal with His people. Moses, Elijah, David, John the Baptist, and Jesus were all led into the wilderness. The solitude of the natural environment seemed to be the place where God could develop the characteristics that were needed to carry out a given task. Where life is basic, man is more likely to realize his need for dependence on his Creator. Here, an individual can see God’s creation and understand more of His power. Free from day to day distractions, one can clearly examine the life Christ claimed to give. 

Maintaining competency in leadership of VOW has been a priority since 1973. Through continued experience in wilderness skills and programming, by maintaining the up to date emergency medical certifications needed for these trips and also training and study in biblical principals, the staff of VOW is truly committed to excellence in Christian backpacking. Our staff is a group of committed individuals that maintain their employment in various professional careers – including the medical profession, petroleum industry, computer technology, various business and financial professions as well as ministers and teachers. They are selected on the basis of their background, experience and training in wilderness activities and adventures, their desire to serve and teach others and their conviction to communicate the reality of Jesus Christ and the principles found in the books of the Bible. This group of unique individuals not only are experienced in wilderness skills and leadership, but offer a wealth of knowledge in life experiences that can relate to the roles of the business professional, parent and student.

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