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This week’s featured guest, Becky Avella!

Becky Avella

Becky Avella

After four miscarriages and two failed adoption attempts, Becky Avella is no stranger to loss. 

Today she celebrates a healed heart and a joyful life. It is her passion to point others to that same healing. A former teacher, Becky now enjoys being a homemaker, speaker, Bible study leader, and novelist. She lives in Idaho with her husband and children, and looks forward to the reunion she will have someday with her babies in Heaven. 

Becky is the author of And Then You Were Gone: Restoring a Broken Heart After Pregnancy Loss

Connect with Becky on Twitter: @BeckyAvella or on her book’s Facebook page under the same title.

Join Lisa Buffaloe for an encouraging visit with Becky Avella. 


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