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I’m taking time off from interviews, until I return, please enjoy the latest videos from myself and friends I’ve been blessed to interview.

Featured video from Teena Goble and PrayerCare. How to Talk to God for Kids.


Micca Campbell shares…

God does love us and doesn’t forsake us regardless of life’s difficulties.

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Featured Video from Jennifer Dukes Lee.

Jennifer Dukes Lee wrote Love Idol, because she knew how many women were living under the pressures of “not enough.” She knows firsthand how loud our “inner critics” can be, and she has experienced the freedom that comes from resting in the love and approval of God. Love Idol will free you from your inner critic, help you lay down the scorecards, and let you know that you really are “enough” … through Christ. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses anymore. Just keep in step with Jesus.

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