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Glory, Hallelujah Footprints

The year was 1958 and Jack, a young seminary student was traveling along a cold, rainy highway when he noticed an elderly man on the side of the road. Without a thought, Jack “tossed” out a prayer on the man’s behalf as he drove past.

When Jack arrived at his destination, he discovered his appointment was not available. In a sour mood he began the journey back home. Again he passed the man, who now was on his side of the road, and Jack found himself annoyed with God for not answering his earlier prayer.

Then it dawned on him, perhaps he was the one who needed to give the man a ride. Half-heartedly

Cringing, Jack sat in the car wondering if the man would be covered in the stench of alcohol or body odor. Instead he found himself pleasantly surprised, at the clean scent, well-shaven, intelligent man who sat next to him. Jack stopped and backed the distance to where the man stood waiting.

Thinking perhaps this was an opportunity to witness; Jack turned to his companion to start a conversation. “Lousy weather we’re having; isn’t it?”

The man smiled kindly, nodded, and looked Jack in the eye. “Son, are you saved?”

The question caught him by surprise and he sat momentarily dumfounded. Words flowed as Jack shared with the man his faith journey, how he had drifted away from God but was brought back through the sweet faith of the young woman who now was his wife.

The man introduced himself as Mr. Doss and told how he walked with the Lord and witnessed to every person he was “supposed to meet that day.” He spoke of the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Mentioning he had memorized most of God’s word because his eyesight was not great for reading.

“You know,” Mr. Doss said with a smile, “I am so happy that when I pick up my left foot it says, Glory and when I pick up the right it says, Hallelujah!”

Jack surveyed the man. “Aren’t you lonely?”

Mr. Doss looked at him with surprise. “How could I be lonely?” He continued to tell Jack of his time in prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with the Lord. “How could I be lonely?”

After they parted company, Jack knew he would never be the same man. And to this day he wonders who Mr. Doss really was, especially since on that cold, rainy day, Mr. Doss wasn’t even wet.

The story is special to me and my family. Jack is my dad. And someday I’ll meet Mr. Doss and we’ll walk the glory, hallelujah golden streets and talk about our wonderful God.

Will you also leave glory, hallelujah footprints?

My mouth is filled with Your praise and with Your glory all day long. ~ Psalm 71:8 NASB


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