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The Grand Symphony

Life really is a grand symphony. In the beginning the word spoke and life began. At earth’s creation, “the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” ~ Job 38:7 

Throughout eternity the heavenly music plays as God creates and God calls. Sin’s disharmony corrected when then the Word became flesh, Jesus, offering the masterpiece of grace. 

Those who will listen, whose ears are tuned to the heavenly music, find life eternal breathing in their soul. 

The word, the music, brings life. Those who read God’s word, spend time not only talking to Him, but listening, they are the ones who hear His melody that soothes, saves, and restores. 

We all have our part in this symphony. Every one created unique, for unique purposes, and when we join in Christ’s orchestra we are given unique soul-music that calls, beckons, and draws others.

Regardless of your level of talent, regardless of what you think you have or don’t have, when surrendered to the Master, harmonic beauty is formed.

And oh how amazing the music. Nothing ordinary, for this music blasts away enemy strongholds, sings lullaby’s at night from Heaven’s throne, sets captives free, and brings holy pauses that brings rest. 

Keep your eyes on the director. Know the words, the notes, that will guide. 

You’re needed. Only you can play your part. The conductor waits. Nail-scarred hands poised with love. 

Come to the Grand Symphony.

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